OTD Capstone Projects


This doctoral capstone project was conducted through partnership with GiGi’s Playhouse Nashville, a non-profit organization that offers free, educational programs for individuals with Down syndrome and their families throughout the lifespan. The project concentrated on the establishment and facilitation of two programs: GiGi University and Leaps and Bounds. GiGi University is an adult learning program targeting life skills advancement related to communication, career, physical and mental wellness, money management, and kitchen competency. Leaps and Bounds is a play-based program targeting the development of preschool readiness skills through motor and sensory activities. The goal of both programs is to promote achievement and independence through participation in meaningful occupations. In addition to program curriculum, caregiver resources were designed to promote continued skill development outside of programming, and program guidelines and materials were organized to support sustainability of both programs.

Publication Date

Spring 4-17-2023

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Halle King, OTD, OTR/L


Occupational Therapy, School of


Health Sciences & Nursing, Gordon E. Inman College of

Document Type

Scholarly Project


Doctorate of Occupational Therapy (OTD)

Degree Level


Degree Grantor

Belmont University


Down syndrome, program development, adults, life skills, preschoolers, school readiness skills