Publication Date

Fall 12-14-2023


The cowriting of three successful popular songs is reconstructed through blind interviews with each of the contributors. In addition to insights into the actual compositional aspects, the interview questions were designed to reveal what role music industry executives may have played in arranging, inspiring, or promoting the songs throughout their journey to find success. The process of triangulation was applied to the interview answers in accordance with previous successful qualitative research methods to uncover the decisions and techniques that proved pivotal in best serving the respective song idea. The ultimate success of the songs is examined through chart and sales history, the interviews are analyzed to reconstruct the initial writing process, and the interviewee answers are triangulated to glean what music and music business techniques or approaches might prove useful for subsequent writers, publishers, or producers, or record executives.

Major Mentor

Keith Mason

Second Mentor

Nancy Riley

Third Mentor

Joel Treybig


Music, School of


Music and Performing Arts, College of

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Master of Music (MM)

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Belmont University