OTD Capstone Projects


For this doctoral capstone project I partnered with Abundant Life Adventure Club, a wellness company that curates group travel and outdoor events for Black professionals and entrepreneurs to experience the connection and self-care needed to thrive in life and work. The purpose of this project was to determine the club’s points of service, show the club’s effectiveness of providing burnout solutions, and support the mission for Abundant Life Adventure Club to expand membership and provide nature-based wellness interventions to Black professionals and entrepreneurs. Through research and collaboration, I created a member survey to determine the effectiveness of the club in providing burnout solutions and to identify the points of value for the club. I created deliverables from my research and survey findings for the club to use when promoting to businesses and corporations. I also created a deliverable outlining the testimonial responses from current members for future promotional materials and a literature review compiling all the supporting literature related to the club’s mission and goals regarding providing wellness-based solutions to worker burnout for my site to use.

Publication Date

Spring 4-4-2022

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Elena Espiritu, OTD, OTR/L, BCPR


Occupational Therapy, School of


Health Sciences & Nursing, Gordon E. Inman College of

Document Type

Scholarly Project


Doctorate of Occupational Therapy (OTD)

Degree Level


Degree Grantor

Belmont University


Nature-based interventions; outdoor engagement; outdoor participation; occupational justice; burnout; well-being; wellness company; wellness group; taking care of black employees