OTD Capstone Projects


This doctoral capstone was completed through a partnership with The Early Learning Center at Middle Tennessee Christian School in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. MTCS provides a faith-based, college preparatory education for students in grades PK3 – 12. High academic standards, a Christian-centered environment, and opportunities for creative and social development help our students become well-rounded, self-disciplined, responsible individuals who make good life choices and contribute to the growth and development of their family, church, and community. One of the primary foci of this project was to create a handbook to introduce the topic of The Zones of Regulation. Another primary focus of this project was to create materials and model effective strategies to help children that have poor emotional regulation skills and fine motor skills. These educational materials and deliverables included token boards, The Zones of Regulation handbook, and strategy cards for each of The Zones. Other materials included handouts for hand-strengthening activities, w-sitting, and effective time-out strategies for children with poor behavior.

Publication Date

Spring 4-3-2023

Faculty Mentor

Halle King


Occupational Therapy, School of


Health Sciences & Nursing, Gordon E. Inman College of

Document Type

Scholarly Project


Doctorate of Occupational Therapy (OTD)

Degree Level


Degree Grantor

Belmont University


fine motor, sensory needs, Zones of Regulation, Middle Tennessee, teacher training