OTD Capstone Projects

Champ's Triathlon Training Program

Rachael R. Sollman, Belmont University


The overall aim of Champ's Triathlon Training Program was to provide an adaptive sports opportunity to children ages 8 to 15 years old diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy Gross Motor Function Classification Scale levels I, II, and III and Down's Syndrome. This triathlon training program was a further extension of the Tri My Best Triathlon carried out each summer by Kelley Newman and a team of therapists at Vanderbilt Pediatric Clinic in Nashville, TN. This camp was designed to also improve participants' strength, flexibility, and endurance while improving skills in triathlon areas. The measures used to quantify these areas of improvement included but were not limited to the Gross Motor Function Measure-66, Pediatric Quality of Life Measure, and a family satisfaction survey. The outcomes of this program are pending due to the impact of COVID-19.