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Spring 4-29-2022


The topic of Latin American women poets and composers is not commonly taught in the standard song literature in universities as they are not considered a part of the Western classical music canon. Instead, male poets and composers of German, Italian, French, and British descent are the focus in standard song literature. Although many of these composers have undoubtedly had an impact in music history, the Western classical music canon has neglected entire ethnic and racial groups. Thus, what is left is a predominantly-male European music history that lacks the diversity and richness of other cultures. Considering that we currently live in a globalized world, one cannot help but wonder why the curriculum in music programs has not changed to include the music and history of other cultures. This paper aims to focus on the works of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Julia de Burgos, and Patricia Caicedo. My intention with this project is to explore their impacts in music and literature as well as introduce a few examples of influential Latin women writers and composers whose works would be worth studying and introducing in art song literature.

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Dr. Abigail Santos

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Dr. Terry Klefstad


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Master of Music (MM)

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Belmont University