Belmont Law Review

Volume 7, Issue 1 (2021)

Since its inception in 2012, the Belmont Law Review has enthusiastically sought to create and preserve a platform for intellectual exchange on topics affecting the legal profession. The members of this student-managed, student-edited scholarly journal dedicate themselves to facilitating, promoting, and engaging in valuable legal discourse through the Review's annual symposium, events, and publications.

In Volume 7, the Review marks its second year of biannual publication. Issue 1 of this volume contains an exciting array of legal topic written by professors, attorneys, and students alike. The Review extends its sincere thanks to the authors for their investment of time and scholarly contributions to which the pages of this issue are a clear testament.

The Review also wishes to express its appreciation for the commitment of the Belmont University College of Law faculty, staff, and administration in supporting and advancing the Review's purposes. We extend particular gratitude to Professor Jeffrey Omar Usman, whose continued help and counsel has been instrumental in guiding the Review through its seventh year.

Lastly, I would personally like to thank our dedicated staff of editors who have worked tirelessly to ensure the quality of this publication and without whom this issue would not be possible. Should our successors follow your lead, I am confident that the Review will have a bright and promising future.



The 2019 Revealed-Preferences Ranking of Law Schools
Christopher J. Ryan Jr. and Brian L. Frye

Student Notes

Dean Adams

Managing Editor
Connor McDonald

Executive Articles Editor
Neely Baugh-Dash

Executive Notes Editor
Eric Donica

Executive Events Editor
Grace Peck

Executive Symposium Editor
Marisa Garcia

Executive Development & Technology Editor
Jene Richer

Executive Submissions and Transcripts Editor
Austin Warehime

Submissions & Transcripts Editors
Hailey Janeway | Trey Woodall

Articles & Notes Editors
Stacia Burns | Tenia Clayton
Emily Guthrie | Kiley Hoppe
Megan Keelan | Joseph Leray
Shelby Lomax | Ward Pickens

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Hannah Berny | Taylor Cross
Tate Ducker | Ashley Gholston
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Hannah Jones | Joshua Kleppin
Rachel Mangan | Hope Moore
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Justin Powers | Alexandra Roberts
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Faculty Advisor
Professor Jeffrey Omar Usman