Belmont Law Review

Volume 6, Issue 2 (2018) Symposium 2018: The Modern Workplace: Contemporary Legal Issues in Employment & Labor Law

Since its inception in 2012, the Belmont Law Review has enthusiastically sought to create and preserve a platform for intellectual exchange on topics affecting the legal profession. The members of this student-managed, student-edited scholarly journal dedicate themselves to facilitating, promoting, and engaging in valuable legal discourse through the Law Review's annual symposium and publications.

This second issue in Volume VI marks an important step in the Law Review's history. For the first time, our volume contains two issues. Issue II is comprised of one student note and seven articles written by presenters from our 2018 symposium: The Modern Workplace: Contemporary Legal Issues in Employment & Labor Law. We are thankful to the authors in this issue for allowing our staff to help put their research, writing, and vision into this publication.

The Law Review also wishes to express its appreciation to the College of Law faculty, staff, and administration for supporting and advancing the Law Review's intentions. We extend particular gratitude to Professor Jeffrey Usman, whose unyielding help and guidance is instrumental in steering the Law Review at each turn.

Lastly, to the Law Review staff members, I extend my deepest gratitude. This necessary and challenging step for our journal required dedication and attention, and each staff member humbly accepted the demands. Many thanks to Ashley Walter for your teamwork and friendship as we ventured into this uncharted territory.


Student Notes

Symposium Materials


Local Panel Discussion
Sam Jackson, Mary Beard, Karla Campbell, David Garrison, Ann Steiner, and Jeffrey Usman

Sara Diehl

Managing Editor
Ashley Walter

Executive Articles Editor
Zachary Brown

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Sarah Martin

Executive Events Editor
Richard Swor

Executive Symposium Editor
Davidson Lentz

Executive Development & Technology Editor
Dominic Rota

Executive Submissions and Transcripts Editor
Leigh Stanfield

Articles & Notes Editors
Michael Dohn | Elizabeth Evan
Alex Grimes | Cynthia Hiebert
Lexie Smith

Submissions & Transcripts Editors
Allyson Lynch | Alyssa Johnson

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Dean Adams | Hailey Janeway
Stacia Burns | Megan Keelan
Grace Cooley | Joseph Leray
Shelby Cowman | Connor McDonald
Neely Baugh-Dash | Tenia Clayton
Eric Donica | Ward Pickens
Marisa Garcia | Jena Richer
Emily Guthrie | Austin Warehime
Kiley Hoppee | Trey Woodall

Faculty Advisor
Professor Jeffrey Omar Usman