Belmont Law Review

Volume 1, Issue 1 (2014) Symposium 2013: Tennessee Legal Reform

Editor's Preface

The Belmont Law Review was officially established in 2012. The Law Review is the annually published student-managed, student-edited scholarly journal at Belmont University College of Law. In addition to publication, the Belmont Law Review hosts an annual symposium on a topic significantly impacting the legal community. This publication marks Belmont's inaugural symposium, given in November 2013, on the subject of Tennessee Legal Reform

The Belmont Law Review is committed to both engaging in and facilitating useful legal discourse with an eye toward promoting justice and upholding the mission statement and values of Belmont University. The Law Review endeavors to be ever mindful of these values while participating in academic debate. Members of the Law Review will seek to contribute to the legal community through meaningful intellectual discourse while conducting themselves with the highest standards of professional and ethical responsibility

The Law Review would like to express our gratitude to the excellent attorneys who contributed their respective works for publication in this volume. It has been a pleasure to work with each of you. We also wish to thank the faculty, staff and administration of the College of Law for their vision and encouragement in the establishment of this endeavor. We are particularly indebted to Professor Jeffery Usman, without whose tireless effort and wise guidance this volume would never have been published.



Reforming Tennessee's Rules of Appellate Procedure: Separate Notices of Appeal...Or Not?
Robert F. Parsley, Travis R. McDonough, and Marcia M. Eason


The Future of eDiscovery in Tennessee
Roe Frazer and Marc Jenkins


Judicial Panel: Tennessee Legal Reform from a Judicial Standpoint
Cornelia A. Clark, Martha Craig Daughtrey, and William C. Koch Jr.

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