Honors Scholars Collaborative Projects

Publication Date

Spring 5-20-2020


This thesis features three documents: The Screenwriter's Notebook Template, The Screenwriter's Notebook: Solstice, and a reflection paper. The Screenwriter's Notebook Template is a planning and pitch tool designed to help screenwriters tell better stories, faster. The template is designed so the user may start with one word (the thematic subject) and flush out their story through a series of guided diagrams inspired by the works of Robert McKee, Dara Marks, and John Vorhaus. The end result is the user developing a detailed scenic model outlining what is happening in each scene in conjunction with Marks' Transformational Arc, to use as a blueprint for writing their story as a screenplay. As a proof of concept and practical example, the comic book origin story of Solstice is adapted for screenplay storytelling medium. Finally, the reflection paper delivers insight into the author's process in developing both The Screenwriter's Notebook Template and applying the Solstice origin story, to The Screenwriter's Notebook.

Faculty Advisor

Stephen Hauser

Document Type

Honors Thesis