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Interprofessional communication occurs at all levels during the provision of health care. Studies have shown that ineffective communication between healthcare providers often results in delayed treatments, misdiagnoses, medication errors, patient injuries, or even death. A nurse residency program is a professional development program designed to help develop and support new nurses through their transition from student nursing, into professional nursing. Communication skill development is an important aspect of the nurse residency program. The purpose of this study was to explore the question: Do nurse residents, who were enrolled in a local nurse residency program between August 2019 and August 2021, perceive that the nurse residency program facilitated and supported the development and growth of the nurse residents’ interprofessional communication skills? A mixed-method, convergent design was utilized to gain clear, comprehensive insight into the nurse residents’ perceptions regarding the development of their interprofessional communication skills. Data was collected through an anonymous web-based survey which was sent to 197 nurse residents. There were 20 usable responses to the survey. The results of the study indicated that the respondents perceived that they possess good interprofessional communication skills but, based on the answers to the survey, they did not give much credit for the development of those skills, to the residency program. Secondly, while most of the survey respondents felt somewhat comfortable initiating clinical conversations with individuals within other disciplines, they were more comfortable initiating conversations with other nurses. Physicians were one of the groups that participants felt the most uncomfortable contacting.


Spring 3-21-2022

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Steven Busby, PhD, FNP-BC

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Laura Gray, PhD, RN

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David Phillippi, PhD


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interprofessional communication, nurse residency program, nurse residents

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