Columbia Studio A - Nashville

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) supported an interdisciplinary research project called "Digital Preservation and Access to Aural Heritage via a Scalable, Extensible Method." This project focuses on preserving aural heritage, which involves documenting and recreating the auditory experience of culturally important places using physics-based reconstructions of acoustical dynamics.

Case Study #1: Columbia Studio A, Music Row, Nashville, TN. For a small-room venue with recent historical context, we work to preserve aural heritage from American recording studios in Nashville’s Historic Music Row that have shaped the history of recorded music. In January 2015, the National Trust for Historic Preservation designated Music Row as a “National Treasure,” a highly significant yet threatened historic place. The above photo shows one acoustical measurement setup from our May 2019 data collection session, using a dodecahedral (omnidirectional) loudspeaker for sound sources and several microphones as receivers in a typical room acoustics test configuration.


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