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Fall 9-16-2021


In preparation for Dr. Mary Frances Berry’s three-day September visit to the Belmont campus as a Scholar-in-Residence, including her FYS Featured Presentation on September 19, this lunch conversation will explore strategies for building resilience for ourselves and our students during challenging times. Belmont faculty members Charmion Gustke (English and FYS Ambassador), Mary Ellen Pethel (Global Leadership Studies and Honors), and Mona Ivey-Soto (Education) will present ideas and examples for our consideration. See the attachment for additional information about the presentations. There will also be time for questions, conversation and discussion among participants.


Presentations from Drs. Gustke, Pethel and IveySoto are attached as Supplemental files. The main file is promotional material for the event.

Gustke - Resilience.pdf (1276 kB)
Charmion Gustke "Resilience" presentation slides

Pethel - Mary Frances Berry an Honorable Life.pdf (393 kB)
Mary Ellen Pethel "Mary Frances Berry: An Honorable Life" presentation slides