Lunch Discussions

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Video Recording

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Winter 2-8-2021


We pay careful attention to the needs of our students including life elements that create challenges for their academic work and learning. In contrast, we typically do not speak very much about our needs as faculty members in dealing with a variety of challenges that have an impact on our teaching and work responsibilities. COVID has taught us many things. One is our need for community as we navigate difficulties. The other is that life and teaching are not separate. For this lunchtime presentation, a panel of Belmont faculty members will informally share some of their current or recent life challenges in conjunction with teaching. Comments from our panelists will help facilitate community through the ensuing conversation on balancing life’s challenges and teaching. Panelists include Jon Thorndike (English and Honors), Rachel Rigsby (Chemistry), Holly Huddleston (Exercise Science), Liz Usman (Law), and Chris Born (Foreign Languages).


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