Lunch Discussions

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Video Recording

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Winter 1-20-2021


For this lunchtime presentation, we will have a panel of faculty members from Belmont, Lipscomb and Fisk Universities: Dr. Heather Finch (Assistant Professor of English, Belmont), Dr. David Holmes (Dean, Lipscomb College of Liberal Arts and Sciences), Dr. Richard Hughes (Scholar-in-Residence, Lipscomb College of Bible and Ministry), and Dr. Sheila Peters (Director of Graduate Studies in Psychology, Fisk). After brief presentations by the panelists, they will engage each other in conversations that will potentially include connections to topics such as implicit bias, stereotype threat, and microagressions. The panelists will then invite us into dialogue to help us identify how elements of antiracism can enrich our teaching, our students' learning, and our own personal and professional development.


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