Science University Research Symposium (SURS)

Harmonizing the Stage: Leveraging Ticketing Metrics for Strategic Expansion and Community Engagement in a Novel Performing Arts Venue

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Sciences and Mathematics, College of


Math and Computer Science, Department of

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Dr. William Best

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Oral Presentation


In addressing the dilemma of expanding awareness for a nascent performing arts venue, this project focuses on a thorough examination of ticketing metrics and social media data. The data-driven approach encompasses the analysis of sales patterns, audience demographics, and attendance trends, employing statistical and data science techniques. By scrutinizing the correlations between promotional strategies, performance genres, and audience engagement, the study aims to extract valuable insights. Through audience segmentation, performance impact analysis, and an evaluation of promotional efficacy, the project seeks to derive actionable insights. Geospatial analysis was employed to identify untapped markets and tailor strategies for venue expansion. The ultimate objective is to guide the venue in refining marketing tactics, optimizing programming, and enhancing customer satisfaction, thereby positioning itself as a cultural cornerstone within the community.

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