Science University Research Symposium (SURS)

The Effects of Fidget Toys on Social Stress on Physiology Mediated By Extraversion

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Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, College of


Psychological Science, Department of

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Dr. Schoenfeld

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Oral Presentation


Social stress is something that impacts many individuals in their everyday lives. Fidget toys are a tool that is becoming a more common approach for dealing with stress. Introversion and extroversion have also been important gauges for how an individual deals with socially stressful situations as past research has shown that stress and anxiety can lead to increased fidgeting behaviors. (Belak et al., 2017). This study is investigating the effect of fidget toys on social stress as well as noting differences in effect based on a person's level of extraversion. Participants were placed in either the control group (no fidget spinner) or the experimental group (with fidget spinner). After completing a personality test to determine their level of extraversion they then complete the trier social stress test, involving preparing and presenting a speech in a span of six minutes. The participant sample is __ introductory psychology students who participated for class credit. We predict that fidget toys will have a relieving effect on introverts in social stress situations. We also predict that extroverts will have a lower stress reaction in social stress situations. Our hypothesis predicts that those without a fidget toy will have a higher heart rate than those with a fidget toy.

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