Science University Research Symposium (SURS)

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Sciences and Mathematics, College of


Psychological Science, Department of

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Abigail Heller

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Oral Presentation


This study examined how emerging adult resilience predicts perceived stress, life satisfaction, and coping skills, while controlling the number of daily hassles. Resilience is the process of overcoming the negative effects of risk exposure, coping successfully with traumatic experiences, and avoiding the negative trajectories associated with risks (Fergus & Zimmerman, 2005; Olsson et al., 2003; Pooley & Cohen 2010). Based on previous literature, lowered perceived stress, increased coping skills, and increased life satisfaction have all been related to resilience, though these are looked at individually and not all together (Diener et al., 1985; Ong & Legger, 2022; Wang. 2019). In this study, emerging adults (N = 42) filled out a survey on Qualtrics that measured demographics, resilience, perceived stress, life satisfaction, and coping skills. After controlling the number of daily hassles, resilience did not predict higher perceived stress levels, b = -0.23, SE = 0.47, t(39) = 0.50, p = .622, 95% CI [-1.18, 0.71], sr2 = .01. Resilience did predict higher coping skills, b = 3.03, SE = 0.94, t(39) = 3.23, p = .003, 95% CI [1.13, 4.93], sr2 = .21. However, it was found that resilience did not significantly predict life satisfaction, b = -0.12, SE = 0.26, t(39) = -0.48, p = .636, 95% CI [-0.64, 0.40], sr2 = .004. Results suggest that resilience predicts better coping skills, indicating the importance of building emerging adults’ resilience throughout the lifespan so that recovery ability is heightened after future hard life events.



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