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Pauline King Harned was born in Leighton, Alabama on August 13, 1877, and attended Belmont College for Young Women from 1893-1898. She created this scrapbook to document her time as a student. After graduating from Belmont College, she worked briefly as a bookkeeper at F.R. King & Co. before she married Frederic T. Harned on December 27, 1899, in Alabama. They later moved to Kentucky and then Mississippi where Fred worked as a farmer and the pair had four children, Ben K, Frances Porter (1902-1910), Mary Ethel (Isele), and Fred Harned. Pauline’s husband died on January 16,1929, and Pauline passed away on October 18, 1956 at the age of 79.

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Pauline F. King's Scrapbook 1892-1911



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