2019 Photo Contest



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Oregon and Californa


Lincoln, Oregon




This was taken one evening when 4 of us took a short, but intense hike. None of us had flashlights, and as the sun fell, the sky became painted with the most vibrant colors. The hike itself took us through alternating stretches of heavily bouldered meadow and dense forest. Throughout the journey, the four of us bared our souls talking about life, death, the cycle, and where we stand as humans. Maybe it was the view of mount Shasta. Or the herd of 10 deer we saw bounding across a patch of meadow. It could have been our calm paranoia of being lost in the woods at night. But something about the moon-like landscape caused us to reevaluate who, how, and why we are who we are. As we experienced the silence, it felt as if our bodies were melting into the earth, truly becoming one with the soil, and the creatures that roam it.


Oregon--Lincoln County; Landscape; Silhouettes


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