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Belmont Criminal Law Journal (College of Law)

The Belmont Criminal Law Journal was started in January 2016, and is Belmont University College of Law’s newest publication. Since its inception, the Journal’s members have been working diligently to build a unique publication with a practitioner focus. The Belmont Criminal Law Journal serves to highlight scholarly work while also offering case summaries, notes, articles, and multimedia content that will educate law students, as well as practitioners working in the area of criminal law.

Belmont Health Law Journal (College of Law)

The Belmont Health Law Journal aims to create a point of reference and resource for meaningful dialogue among practitioners concerned with the legal and regulatory complexities of providing high quality healthcare. The Belmont Health Law Journal will contribute to this dialogue by providing a dynamic forum including summaries of current law, detailed analyses of issues of importance, and brief updates for those wishing to know and apply the latest updates to their practice.

Belmont Law Review (College of Law)

The Belmont Law Review is an annually published student-managed, student-edited scholarly journal at Belmont University College of Law. Each issue of the Law Review publishes articles from law professors and practitioners, as well as notes from current law students. In addition to publication, the Belmont Law Review hosts an annual symposium on a topic significantly impacting the legal community.

Belmont University Research Symposium (BURS) (Special Events)

The Belmont University Research Symposium (BURS) provides Belmont students with an opportunity to present the findings of their independent research projects, listen to distinguished speakers, and enjoy the company of fellow researchers. Below is a selection of papers presented by students.

Science University Research Symposium (SURS) (Special Events)

Belmont’s College of Sciences & Mathematics hosts the Science Undergraduate Research Symposium (SURS) each fall semester. The first annual event was held December 2, 2004, with 27 presenters and has grown to over 100 presenters in 2019. SURS is the culmination of many hours of undergraduate research work done during the summer and fall with faculty advisors and peers and offers these research students the opportunity to show the Belmont community the interesting research that is being done.

Sophia and Philosophia

Journal for philosophically imaginative works of nonfiction and fiction, written either by professional academics in search of an outlet for their creative or popularizing impulses, or by creative thinkers and writers with an academic’s training or independently acquired expertise.

In December 2019 Sophia and Philiosophia ceased publication, and journal founder Mark Anderson entrusted Lila D. Bunch Library to archive it.