Publication Date

Summer 8-16-2021


Historically orchestral string instruments have been defined as classical instruments. As a result in primary and secondary school programs students have been relegated to playing music by Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart. Those programs and that world is rapidly evolving. A broad range of new electric string instruments and technologies are being introduced into the classroom and everything from pop to rock to show tunes are being played engaging students in new and exciting ways. The challenge for teachers and administrators is how to start such a program in their school. This thesis explores the unique challenges and opportunities that this change represents and provides a guide to the technology and the teaching techniques necessary for building a successful program.

Major Mentor

Lesley Mann

Second Mentor

Sarah Cote

Third Mentor

Tracy Silverman


Music, School of


Music and Performing Arts, College of

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Master of Education (MEd)

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Belmont University