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Summer 8-10-2021


When discussing flute pedagogy, one immediately begins to think of methods created by popular teachers of the French Flute School. Many resources and standards in the flute repertoire are a result of the Paris Conservatory’s teachings and Concours. This thesis explores the history of French pedagogy and how it has evolved throughout time to create a modern flute curriculum. It also investigates the specific contributions the French School made to the concept of flute sound, including tone development and technique. This thesis begins with an exploration of the famous French flutist Marcel Moyse and his various method books. The paper then explores method books and flute literature from each era. The methods discussed throughout this thesis paper are Jacques-Martin Hotteterre’s Principes de la flûte traversiere ou flute d’Allemagne, de la flute a bec ou flute douce, et du haut-bois, divisez par traitez (Principles of the Flute, Recorder, and Oboe), François Devienne’s Nouvelle méthode théorique et pratique pour la flûte (New Theoretical and Practical Method for the Flute), Henri Altès’s Célèbre Méthode Complète de Flûte (Famous Complete Flute Method), and finally Paul Taffanel and Philippe Gaubert’s Méthode Complète de Flûte (Complete Method for Flute). This thesis also explores the changes to the flute construction from the Baroque era throughout the Modern era. It specifically investigates the contributions of Theobald Boehm to help understand the evolution of technique and its influence on French repertoire and pedagogy.

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Dr. Carolyn Totaro

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Dr. Barry Kraus

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Dr. Robert Gregg


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Master of Music (MM)

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Belmont University

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