Composition/Recording Projects

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Fall 12-9-2022


In the market for tertiary level commercial music education, educators find themselves pulled between students' commercial stylistic interests and the seemingly incommensurable genres better suited to exploring advanced theoretical concepts and vocabulary. This divide can lead to a motivational deficiency in a student that, in turn, can hinder their development and render their collegiate experience less worth the expense. In the interest of combating this potential motivational deficiency, this recording project and accompanying paper explores and demonstrates the process of modernizing and recontextualizing material found in these less commercially mainstream genres. By adapting vocabulary and approaches learned from the transcription and faithful recreation of bluegrass, traditional jazz, and jazz-rock fusion guitar solos in more modern and commercially viable contexts, this project acts as a guide to students struggling to see the benefit in studying genres outside of their primary sphere of influence by encouraging the creative application of new material.

Major Mentor

Paulo Oliveira, D.M.A.

Second Mentor

Virginia Lamothe, Ph.D.


Music, School of


Music and Performing Arts, College of

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Scholarly Project


Master of Music (MM)

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Belmont University

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