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Spring 5-2020


The viola, the violins larger and often overlooked sibling, is not the instrument people would typically think of when they think of Nashville. That honor would most likely go to either the fiddle or acoustic guitar. But present day Nashville is home to much more than the Country music that originally gave the city its' famous moniker Music City. The recording scene now encompasses almost every genre of popular music imaginable as well as a large amount of video game, television, and movie recording. Through this project, I attempted to explore the multitude of ways in which viola can be utilized in these different areas and genres. By recording six unique songs, I was able to highlight six ways that the viola is used in the recording industry in Nashville. It is my hope that this project will pave the way for future violists to further explore their role in non- traditional genres and spaces as well as provide guidance to anyone hoping to break into this sphere of playing and recording.

Major Mentor

Ryan Joseph Ogrodny

Second Mentor

Kathryn Paradise

Third Mentor

Lina Sheahan


Music, School of


Music and Performing Arts, College of

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Master of Music (MM)

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Belmont University

01 SHOW YOU F1_02-01 eq.WAV (36851 kB)
Show You

THE JOKE F1_08-01 (2).mp3 (11123 kB)
The Joke

02 EVEN IN THE DARK F3_07-01 eq.WAV (49428 kB)
Even in the Dark

03 FLOATING F1_07-01 eq.WAV (41841 kB)

04 ALONE F1_08-01 eq.WAV (46625 kB)

05 JUST KEEP TRYING F5_07-01 RE eq.WAV (49145 kB)

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