Composition/Recording Projects

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Spring 5-4-2022


Many musicians aim to create something new, fresh, unprecedented, unpredictable. They seek uniqueness, attempting to create a sound that will be traced back to their work as music history progresses. As they work to find their distinct voices, musicians spend years trying to find their right sound, hoping it will leave a legacy of music tied to their original creativity. Composition, when based on various musical influences, is an incredible tool for the musician because it can bring together styles – and more importantly, people and cultures – from all over the world. The chapters of this paper tell the story of five original fusion pieces from beginning to end, including their inspiration, composition, recording process, completion, and featured personnel on each recording. It documents the important theoretical details and historical influences of each work, painting a complete picture of each piece’s compositional development.

Major Mentor

Bruce Dudley

Second Mentor

Jeffrey Kirk

Third Mentor

Kathryn Paradise


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Music and Performing Arts, College of

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Master of Music (MM)

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Belmont University

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