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Spring 5-3-2023


Creativity and organic songwriting define uniqueness and are the building blocks of artistic self-expression. This paper consists of a deconstruction of eight original song recordings including the organic songwriting methods and creative ideas which led to the end result. The formulation of each recording is discussed in chronological order and in detail as well as influential ideas and songwriting styles of well-known contemporary artists such as Damien Rice, Passenger and Bon Iver. Along with individual and psychological approaches to songwriting, production elements are mentioned which indicate how the digital world influenced the final version of each song. This area relied on collaboration and experimentation while working with an audio engineer both inside and outside a studio setting. Essential musical and ideological components which help make the song stand out creatively and organically such as production, processing, performance and arrangement are included. The information presented alludes to the value of a songwriter’s individuality, creativity, discovery of their unique voice, and understanding of their personal growth to progress in a way that feels right.

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Bruce Bennett

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Dr. Nancy Riley


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Music and Performing Arts, College of

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Master of Music (MM)

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Belmont University

Am i?.m4a (3353 kB)
Make it to a Paradise.m4a (4049 kB)
Wake.m4a (3182 kB)
I'll Say.m4a (3377 kB)
Serenade.m4a (3929 kB)
Mystery Man.m4a (3675 kB)
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