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Spring 4-27-2023


This project examines bass effect-pedal technology and the lineage of recordings that have made use of such equipment. The timeline of bass pedal recordings and artists that used them range from modern day session players to The Beatles. A well rounded list of effects most frequently used on bass guitar include octave, fuzz/distortion, chorus, phaser, and envelope filter based processors, and this paper examines multiple songs from commercial music history that utilize one or more of these effects on bass guitar. These songs include ‘Think For Yourself’ by The Beatles, ‘For the Love of Money’ by The O’Jays, ‘Something About You’ by Level 42, ‘I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down’ by Paul Young, and ‘Them Changes’ by Thundercat. In addition, there are examinations of Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love’ and Bananarama’s ‘Cruel Summer,’ in order to explore the option of using effect-pedals with bass guitar in order to emulate the sound of hardware synthesizers.

Major Mentor

Roy Vogt

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Lina Sheahan


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Music and Performing Arts, College of

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Master of Music (MM)

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Belmont University

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