Composition/Recording Projects

Publication Date

Winter 12-12-2022


Throughout the ages, the cello has had a specific role in symphonies, operas, musicals, and pop concerts. In the last century, one of the fastest-growing music practices has been soundtracks to film and television shows. String instruments and specifically the cello hold an integral role within this type of music. In this project I present a study on the use of the cello in film and television show music, using eight representative soundtrack cues. In this project, I seek to do an extensive study of the use of cello within film and TV show music. I have chosen a selection soundtrack cues from an array of different films. For each, I will give an in-depth analysis and then rearranged or replicated the tracks using the cello and programmed instruments within my digital audio workstation. This paper overviews my analysis and recording process. At the end of this study, I will list the findings and conclusions I gained through it.

Major Mentor

Dr. Ryan Joseph

Second Mentor

Dr. Richard Hoffman


Music, School of


Music and Performing Arts, College of

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Scholarly Project


Master of Music (MM)

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Belmont University