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Much is known about Joseph McCarthy, the United States Senator. A fair amount is also known about Joseph McCarthy, the lawyer and Circuit Court Judge; particularly in his home state of Wisconsin. Not much is known, however, about Joe McCarthy, the law student. This is unfortunate because, arguably, many of the traits that catapulted McCarthy to the top and bottom of American politics were first exhibited in law school. It is a safe bet that very few of the current students at Marquette University Law School (MULS) are even aware that Joe McCarthy is an alumnus (LL.B., 1935) of the law school. This unawareness, however, is excusable. The halls, offices, and classrooms of most law schools are teeming with portraits, plaques, and busts of prominent alumni. It is not uncommon for law schools to name buildings, classrooms, courtrooms, professorships, and scholarships after prominent graduates. At MULS, however, Joe McCarthy ― undoubtedly the law school's most famous alumnus and a man Lyndon B. Johnson said "will never be forgotten" ― is persona non grata. This essay is designed to reacquaint Joe McCarthy and MULS.