Honors Scholars Collaborative Projects

Publication Date

Spring 4-18-2024


Clients of The Branch, a local 501(c)(3) that serves the Antioch community through direct aid and education, often face barriers in meeting basic needs. These barriers often include unfamiliarity with navigating basic services such as filling prescriptions or registering for health insurance online. Our team of HON 3520 students crafted visual guides to aid in navigating websites that are already commonly used by clients of The Branch. This is part of an ongoing initiative at The Branch to provide a more holistic set of services (in addition to relieving immediate food needs) that addresses the root causes of poverty and hunger. Our deliverable was created through extensive dialogue with The Branch’s Comprehensive Care Director, and is expected to go into effect within the next fiscal year.

Faculty Advisor

John Gonas, Mary Ellen Pethel

Document Type

Honors Thesis