Honors Scholars Collaborative Projects

Publication Date

Spring 4-26-2022


My senior project is the creation of a brand identity that explores how sounds, words, and imagery work together to create a complete experience by illustrating the recorded music and lyrics of fellow honors student McCall Chapin. My project includes album/single artwork, one music video, one lyric video and lyric video concepts for each of the other songs, streaming strategy, social strategy, and supplementary photos and graphics for promoting the work on social media. The idea is to create a complete brand that not only fits who McCall Chapin is as an artist but also visually tells the story of the songs.

My visual artwork will follow the same theme as her music: heartbreak and its many forms. The lead single off the record, called “What Do I Do With That?” was chosen to be accompanied by a music video. The elements of the brand were determined through a series of questions as well as a close listening to the lyrics and composition of the songs on the record.

Faculty Advisor

Erin Anderson

Document Type

Honors Thesis