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Individuals diagnosed with social anxiety disorder (SAD) require effective therapeutic interventions. Due to the nature of SAD, individuals tend to not seek care for their treatment, leading to the continuation of avoidance behaviors that significantly impact their daily existence. Psilocybin psychotherapy has the potential to lead to significant changes in the personality structure of individuals as well as reducing anxious responses to their environment in a relatively short period of time. Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) can serve as the ideal therapeutic backing to psilocybin as it emphasizes mindfulness and psychological flexibility, both of which aid in the therapeutic mechanisms of psilocybin. This paper reviews existing literature surrounding ACT and psilocybin, centering around the potential benefits of a psilocybin psychotherapy program with ACT as a therapeutic base for individuals with SAD. A description of a potential psilocybin psychotherapy program is included.

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Dr. Wayne Barnard

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Honors Thesis