Honors Scholars Collaborative Projects

Publication Date

Spring 2022


The rapprochement of mindfulness within Christian ministries of the West is integrally important as mindfulness continues to grow as a field and be utilized in the secular world as a tool for growth and the promotion of subjective well-being. If this rapprochement is not attempted, the conflicts surrounding Christians approaching and utilizing mindfulness will continue. In recent decades, the application of mindfulness in a variety of areas has exploded. The neuroscience research has followed, citing great benefits to the practice of and the trait of mindfulness. However, Christians remain hesitant in approaching mindfulness for fear of it being heretical in the negation of the roots of mindfulness within Eastern religious thought, or merely the appropriation of these ideas. When mindfulness concepts are approached from the basis of Christianity, the similarities between traditions emerge over the differences in belief. When a certain unique Christian mindfulness emerges from Christian tradition and thought, the practice of mindfulness for the Christian can be an influential part of their faith rather than an aversion from the faith tradition. Then when applied and utilized within the realm and relationship of pastoral care, mindfulness could become an influential and fundamental tool for the care of the congregation.

Faculty Advisor

Pete Giordano

Document Type

Honors Thesis