Honors Theses

Publication Date

Spring 4-16-2020


Throughout a significant portion of history and within modern culture, the fields of science and religion appear to be competing for the same holds in a person’s belief system. Universities are where academics and the sciences are the prevailing held truth, while in churches, the Bible reigns as supreme authority. However, in a Christian academic setting, the predominate school of thought in belief systems might turn into a little more of a melting pot. By analyzing gathered personal data (via surveys and interviews), one can begin to piece together the predominate thoughts on the apparent conflict between religion and science at such a setting. Institutions such as this, while always diverse in thought, can present a cohesion between the two seemingly opposed parties in a way where neither side loses ground culturally. Data gathered on personal religious experience, beliefs and experiences gathered around evolution, creationism, the Big Bang, and other issues that fall from that have been collected to present an image of how science and religion might be in understanding at a Christian house of higher education.

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Steve Robinson

Document Type

Honors Thesis



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