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As a fledgling artist, my purpose in the creation of this album was to undergo a deconstructive experience that enabled me to explore formative events in my life that have contributed to who I am today, especially in regards to my aesthetic preferences as an artist and my personal views of the world. The results of this deconstruction are the ten paired songs and images that compose this thesis. My hope is that each song and image work together to encapsulate the event itself and present my emotional climate during the time at which it occurred, and that my audience is prompted by the choice I have made to evaluate my journey to consider the many individual moments that make up each of their own.

The primary thematic focus of the album is on how I have been affected by my relationships with others. In other words, the role that different types of love have played in my life thus far. From the loneliness associated with years of bullying to the anger that blossomed from unhealthy romantic relationships to the deep sadness that accompanies miscarriages and suicide; these songs showcase some of the most exacting, and consequently transformative, moments of my life so far.

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