Honors Scholars Collaborative Projects

The Galaxy’s Edge: An Adapted Narration of Scenes from Joseph Conrad’s Novella Heart of Darkness

Andrew Weaver, Belmont University


Music is a universal language. It helps people from across the world connect and communicate through emotions and sounds. When you combine music with storytelling, music adds an additional dimension that is unmatched by any other form of art. It enhances the storytelling, helps guide the audience into their emotions, and makes them care and invest in the characters who are involved within the story. This artistic project was completed to showcase the power of music and how it enhances a story through artistic expression from a composer. It takes a classic tale, Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, and makes a creative adaptation that puts the audience in a space adventure set in 2399. Accompanied by a hand-crafted score produced by Andrew Weaver and composed by Ian Mann, the music is the central aspect that guides the audience through the story and invites them to discover hidden aspects of the work through these musical choices.