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Summer 8-4-2021


Traditionally and currently, teachers also focus on the product and not the process in their own classroom. They will assign a paper with a final due date, students turn in their papers without having anyone else look at it beforehand, and students will get a final grade on what is their first draft. This way of teaching writing does not show students how to improve their writing. With this type of assessment, the natural processes of a person’s mind while writing is ignored; students are expected to have everything in their paper in the first draft and without support. Process Pedagogy focuses on writing as a process instead of the final product. When this theory is transferred into the classroom setting, students are given the power and freedom to choose, revise, edit, and explore their own writing craft as they become participants in their own writing. Process Pedagogy implemented in the classroom can transform and liberate teachers and students. This thesis is a case study that explores the the writing process in the high school classroom and how it improves student writing and how they view writing.


Dr. Amy Hodges Hamilton

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