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Winter 12-7-2022


The line break is almost impossible to define by itself and more tangible to define as an effect that works with all aspects of language within a poem. Through analysis of the poetic line in both the works of others and my own poetry, I show how the line break as an effect works to amplify feelings of ambiguous loss within individual poems. Looking at how the line break functions in poems having to do with ambiguous loss accomplishes two things: it educates readers on the intricacies of loss and especially non-death losses, and it brings the line break to the forefront of the discussion by highlighting how the line break adds significance to poems about loss instead of solely relying on the language in the poem to convey meaning.


Dr. Gary McDowell

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Dr. Annette Sisson

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Dr. Sarah Blomeley


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Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, College of

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Belmont University

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