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Spring 4-27-2020


The purpose of this study was to understand how history museums can better incorporate the female narrative into their exhibits. Women’s stories play an integral role in history and are an important element of authentically and accurately portraying the events of the past. For museums, that is the ultimate objective. As institutions of learning and preservation, museums are empowered with the responsibility to present information with integrity and accuracy. That includes presenting all perspectives in a holistic view. Museums are a significant source of knowledge and information, especially for school children. The images and messages that are portrayed have an impact on how students view history and the world. This is a very powerful position to be in and it is the duty of museum professionals in ensure that what is being conveyed through exhibits is the appropriate message. In order to achieve this, intentional and targeted actions need to be taken. This study aims to understand current museum practices and build a foundation for how inclusiveness within history exhibits is being handled today. Reviewing the exhibit development process provides insight into the system that is creating exhibit content. With this initial knowledge, changes can be developed and implemented that address the issue at the source, creating systemic and long-lasting change.


Dr. John Murray

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Dr. Lauren Lunsford

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Carolynne Harris


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Non-profit Leadership

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Belmont University