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Background: Athletes who play outdoor sports have multiple risk factors for the development of skin cancer. Literature highlights the need for the use of evidence-based strategies to improve the knowledge and utilization of sun protection practices in this high-risk population. Methods: Playing it Sun Safe was a multifaceted skin cancer prevention initiative implemented in a population of collegiate soccer athletes in collaboration with a university athletic department and campus health clinic. Evidence-based interventions were designed through application of the Health Belief Model (HBM) and were implemented using the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) quality improvement framework. Purpose: The two-fold aim was to increase participants’ mean Skin Cancer and Sun Knowledge Scale (SCSK) score by 10% and self-reported use of sunscreen by 20% over a three-month period. Results: Results reflected a 20% increase in knowledge and a 45% increase in self-reported sunscreen use. Participant feedback highlighted the impact of peer leadership and verbal cues in prompting sunscreen use. Evidence-based initiatives to increase knowledge and utilization of sun protection in high-risk populations have potential to mitigate skin cancer risk and improve long-term health.


Spring 4-16-2024

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Dr. Kathryn K. Dambrino

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Dr. Kathryn K. Dambrino

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Dr. R. David Phillippi

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Dr. Ashley Karpinos


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Scholarly Project


Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Belmont University


skin cancer, skin cancer prevention, sun protection, sunscreen, UV exposure, collegiate athletes, athletes