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Parental satisfaction with antibiotic stewardship has been investigated extensively in pediatric inpatient settings; however, there has been relatively little research in pediatric outpatient settings. In 2014 upper respiratory infections were the most common infections seen among the general population with children having an average of 3 to 8 viral respiratory illnesses per year and receiving 34.6% of all antibiotic prescriptions. Escalating antibiotic resistance and increased emphasis on patient/parental satisfaction necessitates the exploration of a method to improve antibiotic stewardship while maintaining parental satisfaction. The purpose of this project was to assess parental satisfaction with care and follow-up visits after antibiotic stewardship education was offered and no antibiotic was given for a viral upper respiratory infection (VURI), compared to those parents with no education provided. A convenience sample of 398 parents was interviewed via telephone. Patients were ≤ 8 years of age, diagnosed with a VURI within 7-10 days prior to being surveyed, and did not receive an antibiotic. Inclusion criteria also involved only English speaking parents. Antibiotic stewardship education consisted of an educational pamphlet obtained from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Overall satisfaction was calculated and compared for parents who received additional education and parents who did not receive additional education. Additional inquiries included whether or not an unscheduled follow-up visit occurred. If a follow-up visit was scheduled the use of an antibiotic at that time was assessed. Statistical significance was found, indicating improved parental satisfaction and fewer unscheduled follow-ups with antibiotic stewardship education during the treatment of a VURI with no antibiotic prescription. A low cost, quick and easy intervention has the potential to improve pediatric health care, maintain satisfaction, and protect societal antibiotic effectiveness.



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Drug resistance in microorganisms; Patient education; Pediatrics; Patient satisfaction

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