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Background & Review of Evidence: Annual flu vaccination has been recommended for everyone over the age of six months (National Foundation for Infectious Disease [NFID], 2016). A low flu vaccination rate among college students living in a residential community poses the risk for spreading a highly-contagious respiratory illness caused by the virus. Students have the ability to spread the disease to everyone around them in their dormitories, classrooms, shared restrooms and via social gatherings (NFID, 2016). College students who contract the flu virus experience approximately eight or more days of the illness (NFID, 2016).

Purpose: The purpose of this process improvement is to increase influenza vaccine uptake among freshmen who reside at Belmont University and assess barriers and facilitators regarding the influenza vaccine.

Project Design: The scholarly project is a process improvement aimed at evaluating and improving the uptake and administration of the influenza vaccine among freshman students residing on campus at Belmont University. The project utilized the Focus Analyze Develop Execute (FADE) Model as a framework and the Theory of Planned Behavior as a theoretical model.

Results: A total of 269 freshmen out of 1,861 freshmen received the flu vaccine through Belmont University Health Services in fall 2019 and 251 freshmen completed the survey. The chi-square statistic for comparison of years 2017, 2018, and 2019 was X2=228.93 (p < .001, V=0.15).

Conclusion: Increasing the percentage of flu vaccine uptake rates is vital since rates of influenza outbreaks among college students are higher than the average population.


Spring 3-26-2020

First Advisor

Dr. Jeannie Giese

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Dr. David Phillippi

Scholarly Project Team Member

Krystal Huesmann

Scholarly Project Team Member

Dr. Kathryn Dambrino


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Health Sciences & Nursing, Gordon E. Inman College of

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Scholarly Project


Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Belmont University


flu vaccine uptake; flu campaign; flu challenge; barriers; facilitators; college students