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Asthma is one of the most prevalent and costly chronic diseases faced by Americans today. It is marked by inflammation and hyperresponsiveness of the airways which fluctuates, often unpredictably, in response to triggers. As such, it causes particular challenges symptom management, especially on the part of the patient who is tasked with dealing with these frequent fluctuations for months at a time between regularly scheduled health care appointments. This is further complicated when the patient is a child, and symptoms must be interpreted and managed second-hand by a caregiver. Uncertainty about how to manage symptoms, as well as minimization of symptoms, contributes to delays in seeking treatment, leading to higher acuity visits, increased costs, and poorer outcomes.

Meanwhile the field of telemonitoring is evolving. New technologies offer patients and providers novel ways of communicating between visits. This is supported by telemonitoring literature and theoretical frameworks, which will be addressed in this manuscript. It is the assertion of this project that asthma symptom telemonitoring holds promise as a way for patients to conveniently and more adequately manage symptom fluctuations from home.

The first paper in this manuscript surveys the existing literature on asthma telemonitoring modalities. The second paper examines the problem of symptom minimization and uncertainty through the framework of Symptom Management Theory. Finally, the third paper is a technical report describing a pilot study that used the AsthmaChecker app among children with asthma and their caregivers to assess linkages to Symptom Management Theory and Diffusion of Innovation Theory. This project and these writings offer new insights into the emerging field of telemedicine and its potential usefulness in the context of pediatric asthma management.




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Dr. Linda Wofford


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Health Sciences & Nursing, Gordon E. Inman College of

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Scholarly Project


Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Belmont University


asthma; telemonitoring; telemedicine; telehealth; symptoms; self-management; action plan; monitoring; symptom management theory; chronic disease; , nursing theory