Belmont University Research Symposium (BURS)

The Legislative Preservation of Participation Preferences: The Influence of Electoral Law on Voter Turnout

Publication Date

Spring 2022


Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, College of


Political Science, Department of

BURS Faculty Advisor

Dr. Nathan Griffith

Presentation Type

Oral Presentation


State legislatures hold substantial power to promote or deter voter turnout through election law. Their influence can readily shift the political nature of a state by altering the fundamental accessibility to voting, easing or complicating the overall process. Adjustments to registration, polling sites, ballot casting, and voter identification impact participation from the electorate and determine how specific subsets of the population can engage with the electoral system. This study examines these effects, the corresponding response from legislators through additional electoral laws, and the actions that citizens take to mobilize in support or opposition to the current conditions.

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