Belmont University Research Symposium (BURS)

Psychology: Mood Induction through Color Priming

Publication Date

Spring 4-10-2023


Sciences and Mathematics, College of


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BURS Faculty Advisor

Dr. Michael Oliver

Presentation Type

Oral Presentation


Previous studies on the influence of color on emotion have explored the association between emotion and color rather than the influence of color on emotional state. Similarly, there is a lack of research quantifying the impacts of utilizing Virtual Reality as a way of color immersion. Therefore, the researchers of this study aimed to identify the impacts of color on emotion and mood state rather than exploring the frequency of color and emotion adjective pairing (Fugate, J, et. Al., 2019) through the Brief Introspective Mood Likert Scale. While the influence of color on mood and emotion is a primary investigation within the study, participants were also asked to read a short vignette. This vignette (Vine, V., Bernstein, E. E., and Nolen-Hoeksema, S., 2018) tells of a girl who plans to meet with a friend who ultimately never arrives. The vignette was designed to investigate how participants identify their emotion and mood state regarding this event. Alongside the distribution of the Likert scale within the study, participants were asked to answer open-ended questions with the purpose of maximizing data collection for researchers adding a qualitative and more extensive investigation as to the impact of color immersion on perception. A total of 30 usable participant responses, 14 immersed in green, 16 immersed in red, were used in data analysis identifying the impacts of color immersion on mood and perception of an event. Though analysis revealed no significant findings among any data points, researchers conclude that further research is needed to identify the success of Color Immersion by way of Virtual Reality headsets.

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