Belmont University Research Symposium (BURS)

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Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, College of


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Professor Michelle Shaw

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Oral Presentation


Dove released a video titled “Reverse Selfie” in 2021. The video is only a minute long but shows the unfortunate reality that so many young individuals live through. Dove intended for their audience to see that social media during the pandemic has heightened insecurities in young girls and is creating unrealistic standards. Upon digging deeper, however, there is a clearer message that beauty standards cause loneliness starting at a young age. The video raises awareness in many different ways through verbal communication and rhetorical devices — and, the research surrounding the context only solidifies it all. The video, though a negative concept, does put out an important message for society to look at and change from. In this presentation, there will be a deeper explanation of why this video is important, and how it takes a deep study to fully support a conclusion such as this.

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