Belmont University Research Symposium (BURS)

Publication Date

Spring 3-28-2023


University College


Honors Program

BURS Faculty Advisor

Mary Ellen Pethel

Presentation Type

Oral Presentation


  • As part of the Honors Scholars Collaborative, this project aims to assist the community of immigrants and refugees served at the Branch, a nonprofit food bank in Antioch. For many immigrants and refugees, moving to a new country means having to adapt to foreign housing, employment, transportation, and sources of food. For those reliant upon a food bank, it can be especially difficult to receive a balanced diet, particularly if no fresh produce is offered. Through the creation of a community garden in Mill Ridge, this project ultimately aims to provide that resource to the clients of the Branch. Through community-based participatory research, the most popular kinds of produce were selected to be planted in the aforementioned garden. In addition, the creation of a blog that features prominent recipes from different cultures will work to build connections among the Branch community. The goal is to encourage greater independence and sustainable living in food for Branch clients.