Belmont University Research Symposium (BURS)

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Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, College of


History, Department of

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Peter Kuryla

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Oral Presentation


Walnut Grove Plantation is one of the last examples of the backcountry roots that Spartanburg has to offer. This property is home to the history of the Moore family legacy and their contribution to the beginning of Spartanburg's history. The Moore family was active in the Revolutionary War, and the notorious Bloody Bill Cunningham brought the War directly to Moore's front door. Across the Sea, proof of the scrimmage at Walnut Grove Plantation found a home at Windsor Castle for the King. As a running plantation, enslaved peoples also lived on the property and their accounts of life on Walnut Gove Plantation are an essential reflection of our nation's history. From the 1750s until the 1960s, the property was owned by descendants of Charles and Mary Moore. In 1967, the Spartanburg County Historical Association opened the property to the public as an important landmark and tourist attraction. While the site was once a flourishing historical tool offering education to students of all ages, the present-day site has fallen into near disrepair and lacks attendance. This proposal exhibits plans to improve the educational aspect of the site by converting the current welcome center into a museum learning center for visitors. A grant of $400,300 is requested in order to improve the physical appearance of Walnut Grove, educate the public, and connect the community to its past.