Belmont University Research Symposium (BURS)

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Entertainment and Music Business, Mike Curb College of


Media Studies

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Dr. Syb Brown

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Oral Presentation


In an ever emerging world of technology and advancements, there should be an increase in the importance and awareness of what each user is allowing and agreeing to on the Internet. Algorithms are becoming a part of everyday life, and many individuals don’t know just how much of their data, personal information, and privacy is being violated and collected from different companies and applications that they use. There needs to be an increase in the awareness and acknowledgement of algorithms and the “F.E.A.T” principles that companies should be following. New technologies from companies, like Google and Nimo, that are considered exciting and interesting in the technology world bring along their own concerns over privacy and the data that is being collected on users. In the next twenty years, technology will change as everyone knows it. How do users keep up with the new technologies that are coming up, and what are the implications of these algorithms and technologies in the modern world?